Welcome To Year #8

It was seven years ago today that this blog was born. th_th24

Thank you to funeral service giant, Bob “I’m just a Simple Village Undertaker” Horn for the name and thank you to Doug (Eclecticity Light)  Fine for urging and nudging me to start.

This is the  3,358th post.  When you factor in the different distribution platforms such as Twitter, FB, Linkedin, Tumbler and Google+, this blog reaches over 6,000 readers daily. (Not that all read it).

I’ve come to know several people from around the world and while I never wanted to make a penny from blogging, (and I have met that goal!) my life has been enriched beyond description from those I have met because of these, and their, pages.

Thank you to all those that have commented and re-blogged my posts,  to those who  still send me ideas and links and those that just enjoy sharing the view out my window.

Here is to eight more.

About Ray V.

Living between Aiken & Nashville, TN, USA, I like to share what I am looking at, thinking about or listening to. I refer to this as the view out my window. Thanks for stopping by.
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7 Responses to Welcome To Year #8

  1. goldenbrodie says:

    Congratulations on your very successful and golden blog. I enjoy your posts each time I visit. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

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  2. Congratulations! Huge Milestone. I look forward to your posts each day.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Mark says:

    Wow, eight years! Congratulations.

    I look forward to the next eight.

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  4. Claudia says:

    Hear Hear! Cheer Cheer! Let’s raise a glass and keep on writing!


  5. Congratulations and keep on typing.

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  6. Congratulations! I am always so glad to see a new post from your way.

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