The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Earlier, our youngest daughter posted a photo of her and Barry Cook that was taken during a visit today.  Who is Barry Cook, you ask?

This story began 15 years ago:

It was August of 2002 and our oldest daughter, Kelliann was starting her freshman year at Aquinas High Scool in Augusta, GA. My wife and I attended Back To School Night and met her homeroom teacher, who also happened to be her Algebra teacher. Like her mom and dad, math was not KA’s strength.  Anyway, those details are not important.  What is important is that night, I met Barry Cook.

Barry was a  “retired” corporate executive who decided his place was to teach in a Catholic high school in Augusta, GA.  After just spending a few minutes with him, I believe I made the comment that we had three daughters heading his way and to please not retire until the last one graduated.

Megan and Barry, February, 2017

Megan and Barry, February, 2017

As it turned out, all three of our daughters had Barry and he retired during  Megan’s senior year, (2013)  but she didn’t have any more classes to take with him.

Our family talks about him often and he has been a guest at our home on several occasions.  Even as the years tick by, whenever they have the chance, our girls make a visit over to Augusta to get some “Bald Head Wisdom” I have mentioned him in these pages before. (Interesting to read the link from 2013 and see how similar my words are)

In looking at his FB page, several pictures include my daughters and other former students.

Being a parent is tough, but it is comforting to know that teachers like Barry have helped us and set a good example for our daughters, in addition to teaching them well.   My guess is he knows some things about my daughters that I do not and he probably knows some things about me that I’d just as soon be private, but that’s ok.

As I look back at my  life and some of the quick decisions I made, some of which didn’t turn out so well, I’m proud to be able to say that I knew the first time I met him that he was “the real deal”

I’m confidant that as they talked today that he was  proud of Megan getting accepted into Baylor Medical College. And I know that she took joy in sharing that with him.

So, Thanks Barry, for being you and being a gift that keeps on giving to our daughters, Alicia and me.


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Living between Aiken & Nashville, TN, USA, I like to share what I am looking at, thinking about or listening to. I refer to this as the view out my window. Thanks for stopping by.
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7 Responses to The Gift That Keeps On Giving

  1. ….and thanks for all the Barry Cooks of this world, of which there are many, who are undervalued. Your family have been blessed to have him in your lives.

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  2. There are teachers who do way more than teach book knowledge. They teach life by their actions and words. Honesty and integrity are more than words to them. Thank the Lord for the Barry Cooks in our kids’ lives.

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  3. Mike Toomey says:

    I’ve known Barry Cook for some 40 years. We worked together in the corporate world, worked together as youth counselors at church, and remain dear friends to this day. He truly is “the real deal.” He just loves young people and has poured himself into countless numbers of folks in this community and beyond. There is no telling how many people he has positively influenced. But I know that I am certainly one of them. Congratulations to your daughter on her acceptance into medical school.

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  4. Velinda Walden says:

    One of my favorite people

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  5. Pam Cook says:

    Great story. So excited for Megan. What a great opportunity!

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