Smoke Showing

There is smoke showing from my ears, not the candle below.

Still no cable nor internet and there will be none in the near future.  Customer service has become an oxymoron.

Back to the old days of listening to the radio . . .  but with the headache of burning up data usage on the iphone.

“Put the phone down, Raymond”




About A Simple Village Undertaker

I am just a simple, village undertaker back living in Aiken, South Carolina, USA who likes to share the view out of my window.
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4 Responses to Smoke Showing

  1. John Eubanks says:

    I know there HAS to be internet in Cincinnati… maybe just in Mt. Healthy?How could that be??? John

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  2. Isn’t technology wonderful???……when it is operational.

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  3. lulu says:

    Life does have its challenges especially when it comes to customer service.

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