You May Have Missed This

unknown-1Did you know that President-Elect Trump met yesterday (MLK Day)  with Martin Luther King, III?

Probably not, so here is the story: Major Media Ignored or downplayed Trump’s meeting with MLK III

Thanks to American Thinker.

And here is a brief interview with MLK III after that meeting. Notice the loaded questions and marvel in his insightful responses.  Maybe the world isn’t coming to an end on Friday?     Just sayin’



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3 Responses to You May Have Missed This

  1. David says:

    Brilliant! The world didn’t end after the Brexit vote either. Neither did the whining and complaining of those who thought that the vote would be to remain. They are still at it.


  2. Linda Gill says:

    I am so glad he responded the way he did after being baited several times in this short clip. I respected MLK, and I respect MLK III. Love that he is a “bridge builder!”

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  3. It would be so nice if the media just reported the news instead of trying to “make” news. Our local station carried news about their meeting and did cast it in a favorable light.

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