The Rise of the Fake Funeral Director

Perspective from accross the big pond.

Nick John Whittle

There is a trend in the UK funeral industry making people feel uneasy. In fact it is a trend that could significantly undo the high level of public trust currently intrinsic to the profession as a whole. In question is the growth in the number of money-driven individuals from unrelated professions portraying themselves falsely as experienced funeral directors and targeting aggressive marketing strategies at established and highly experienced firms.

Around ten years ago there was a crusade by those on the periphery of the industry (for whom it did not provide a livelihood) to convince the general public that they were capable of arranging their own funerals without the help of a funeral director; this was known as the “Do-It-Yourself” funeral. While it cannot be denied that some people had the wherewithal to put together the essentials of a service, the expected success of the DIY phenomenon did not come about. However, although not…

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One Response to The Rise of the Fake Funeral Director

  1. Mark says:

    I read this when he posted it and its just far too easy to set up as a Funeral Directors over here.

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