First Dads

I finally opened (as in opening a book)  a 2016 Father’s Day present from our daughter, Megan this evening.  The book, First Dads, Parenting and Politics from George Washington to Barak Obama was given to me, but  set it aside, until this evening.  It will be interesting to see if there is a political slant/opinion  on any of these dads, party wise.

unknownThe media builds up  and the media breaks down.

I might read this one backwards. Thanks again, Moopy.

Megan has her  first medical school interview is under her belt. Proud of my baby girl.

Megan has her first medical school interview  under her belt. Proud of my baby girl and her two sisters also.

As we crash in towards the general election,  I think about the opening paragraph:
“The President’s emotional state is a matter of continual public commentary, as is the manner in which his personal and official families conduct themselves. The media bring across the President not as some neutral administrator or corporate executive to be assessed by his production, but as a special being with mysterious dimensions.”      James David Barber, The Presidential Character, 1972.

What are you reading?




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3 Responses to First Dads

  1. Pam Cook says:

    So happy for your daughter! What a great accomplishment to obtain an interview in such a competitive field. Praying for admission.

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  2. David says:

    I am reading ‘Pray Better’ by Landon Coleman – a pastor from somewhere in Texas. Another brother I discovered through blogging. I can highly recommend this book based on the introduction and first two chapters (which is as far as I have got so far).

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