Opening Paragraphs

the-fool-of-new-york-city“You awake from a dream. The dream dissolves in the frosted breath of your mouth. From where you lie on the bed’s metal springs, you can see a window permitting light to enter the room. You see rooftops of a neighborhood, old and weary, with chimney pots and bobbing Santa Clauses and television aerials, no longer used. A band of cerulean blue sky has been slashed across the glass, and above it is boiling charcoal. Snowflaskes drift down, only a few. It is winter here, which is somewhere you do not recognize”.

The opening paragraph of The Fool of New York City, a novel by Michael D. O’brien.  

Since first reading Father Elijah back in early 1997, O’brien has become my favorite author and once I complete this novel, it take a place on my bookshelf, along with fourteen other O’brien titles.  At 279 pages, it is one of his shortest books.img_0560

Michael is a masterful story teller and I’ve been looking forward this story since it was announced.

What are you reading?





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5 Responses to Opening Paragraphs

  1. Dale Clock says:

    I’m a fan of audible and I’ve been listening to “Being Mortal” by Atul Gawande. A Must read for people of our age with parents in their 80’s and also for all funeral directors so that we can understand better what many of our families have been going though

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  2. Currently I am reading a book on the organizational history of US Army artillery. Not exactly a thrilling story, but there are parts that pack a punch.

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