Finding Some Loose Threads . . .

. . . hopefully weaving them into a coherent story.  But as usual, I’ll let you decide.

It started twenty-four hours ago, well actually it started in 1972.

Last night as I was thinking that it had been a while since I blogged  any music.  The thought came to mind that I should find a “nice” song by Alice Cooper, (AC) and post it.  I became sidetracked however and it never came to be.

This morning, when I was going through my morning reading, I came accross a post entitled, Drinking Beer Is Easy, featuring a quote by Alice, now a Christian.

A coincidence?    I think not.Image 1

The quote reminded me of a book that Alice published in 2007, entitled  Alice Cooper, Golf Monster. The book chronicles his journey from being a stoned, drunk rock star addict to being a sober, Christian, golf addict rock star.   It has been several years since I read the book, but somewhere in there, Alice talks about the importance of replacing a bad/negative  addiction with a  positive/good one. The theory is that  addicts, because of how they are wired,  often need to be addicted to something.  Experiencing some of those “all in” tendencies at different times of my life, it makes perfect sense to me.  Welcome to my current addiction Blog.

So I got to thinking and went to YouTube to find that “nice” song and instead, found some videos that were less than a week old. As I watched them at 0600 this morning, I remembered the day, back in 1972, when I was in 6th grade,  that I went to the “Two Guys” Department store on Rt. 22 in Union, NJ  with my grandparents and bought my first two albums, one of which was AC’s Killer.  My parent’s, especially my mother (Happy Mother’s Day by the way)  were not very pleased as she was (still is) really scared of snakes and well, look at the cover.  AC was not nearly as popular with parents as he was with the kids.  The music rocked, but he scared parents to the point of hysteria.  220px-Ackiller

I think they made me return the two records, but I can’t recall for sure.  It didn’t take long to get it back.

As the songs played  this morning, I sang along, remembering almost all the words, which was surprising.

I  noticed that AC, at the age of 68, was still looking pretty good on stage, that he had a completely different band than I remember and his lead guitarist was a woman and dam, she was good. With respect to the late Glen Buxton, who was in the original band, Nita Strauss  lights  it up, having  been  the #1 rated, female guitarist according to Guitar Player Magazine.

Forty five years of listening to AC’s music and contray to what my parents feared, I  have not  become a satan worshipper.    Neither has Alice apparently.

This video was shot five days ago in Nashville. A bit of a “show off solo”  as they launch into Alice’s,  1989 ( Nita was three years old) hit, Poison.  Look how thin that guitar is and I’ve never seen anyone do that with a tremelo bar..very cool.






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Living in Aiken, South Carolina, USA, I like to share what I am looking at, thinking about or listening to. I refer to this as the view out my window. Thanks for stopping by.
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