You’re Not A Child Anymore

I originally blogged about this song in 2012.

Enititled, Whatever the price, . . I’ll pay, the story  tells of a song that we learned with only one night of practicing,  to open a set the following day. Any recordings that may have existed  have been destroyed to protect the guilty.   That is not a song you learn as a band in just one night.

My wife/groupie didn't like me wearing this shirt, so it was the only time I played wearing it.

My wife   didn’t like my wearing this Augusta Greenjackets Jersey, so it was the only time I played wearing it. . . playing Suite Madame Blue.

If you click through the links of that story and those within it, you will find some interesting background and pictures of our band over the last ten years.

I decided to post this today after I found  the Styx DVD and played it while we prepared dinner.   I couldn’t help but notice how old the guys looked and then realized that show was filmed 20 years ago!

One of my generation’s great power ballads and one of my favorite songs to play. . . the only song  where I use my left thumb to actually play notes.

They kick this out of the theatre.

Suite Madame Blue.


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I am just a simple, village undertaker back living in Aiken, South Carolina, USA who likes to share the view out of my window.
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