I do not impress easily.  I do however, acknowledge and applaud excellence.   th

Watch this demonstration by Lars Andersen and then I challenge you to tell me it is not one of the coolest, videos you have ever seen.  Malcolm would say he  practiced over 10,000 hours.

I am impressed, I acknowledge and applaud his commitment to being the very best at his craft. I never knew such skill was possible.  I also applaud Doug at Eclecticity Light for having one of his best days, content wise, Friday, March 4th.  BTW… Doug was the one who introduced me to  blogging and I will be forever thankful.

Back to Lars. If a fight breaks out, regardless of the facts, I am on his side.



About A Simple Village Undertaker

I am just a simple, village undertaker back living in Aiken, South Carolina, USA who likes to share the view out of my window.
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2 Responses to Outstanding

  1. Ann Koplow says:

    Outstanding post, Ray!


  2. E. says:

    Glad you liked it Big. E.

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