Democratic Debate Recap: The Internet Speaketh, The Man Taketh Away

Anyone who knows me at all understands that I am a conservative. I am to the right of Limbaugh. I am also a student of politics and how the media all too often creates the news as opposed to reporting it, like this. . .

The Lonely Tribalist

Last night’s democratic debate can be summed up thusly:

  • Hillary Clinton had cool things to say that made Hillary Clinton fans happy.
  • Bernie Sanders had cool things to say that made Bernie Sanders fans happy.
  • Three other guys were placed on stage as filler.
  • And the Internet overwhelmingly voted that Bernie nailed it

However, here’s a twist of Shyamalanian proportions: Every corner your turn through your major news outlets, you run into flashing neon signs declaring Hillary Clinton as the landslide victor. You may or may not have already seen this picture:

CNN Bernie Sanders vs Hillary Clinton Democratic Debates Internet Poll - Reddit | The Lonely Tribalist

And that pretty much sums up the editorials the day after the democratic debate. I don’t have much more to say on the subject, except “Wow,” because this article here says it much better:

“Something is seriously wrong inside corporate media newsrooms. Either editors and pundits are so incompetent at their jobs that they wrongly assume Hillary Clinton…

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4 Responses to Democratic Debate Recap: The Internet Speaketh, The Man Taketh Away

  1. E. says:

    E meant to say, if this is true and verifiable, that CNN has their own poll showing B.S. “won” and then posted the headline that Hillary did…. There is no other conclusion to draw than they are merely propagandists and there is no reason ever ever to consider them as a source for anything but propaganda. I would like to know if this is verifiable. Awfully convenient to say that CNN removed the poll…. I could have mocked up that poll in PowerPoint. (Where’s the little Twitter Bird he asks?) And this has nothing to do with me having any “like” for CNN.


  2. Details details. Whether it is true or not, it does illustrate how the media creates news as opposed to reporting it and while I may be wrong, I think we would be hard pressed to find someone who believes the media really is fair and balanced. Thanks for reading and paying attention.


  3. Tony R says:

    The truth is that unless we are right there involved in making the pole we really have no idea how true any of it is. I myself pretty much don’t believe anything that I see on tv unless I was there when it was filmed live and even then only if I had a great vantage point.
    Tony R

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