Throwdown Challenge

Essential Mixes:  The Outlaws

This morning, I received a thinly veiled suggestion after chiming in on one of Kurt’s  famous “Essential Mixes”.

Mr. Harden  suggested that I present my “Essential Mix” for the “Florida Guitar Army”, otherwise known as  The Outlaws.

He didn’t have to ask twice…I was in.

I received my first Outlaws 8 Track on Friday, November 4, 1977.  How can I remember that?…because on November 3rd, I totaled my mom’s car and I was home recovering with a few stiches and feeling like I hit a tree…which is exactly what I had done. What made it more interesting was that on Saturday, November  5th, I was slated to take the SAT’s.

The 8-track was my very first delivery from  Columbia House. The first song on that tape was Song in The Breeze. The rest is, as they say…music history.

I ordered the tape after hearing a cover band play Waterhole at a school dance.

Hughie (L) and Billy RIP

Hughie (L) and Billy

So, below is my “Essential Mix” for a band  I fell in love with when I was 17 and today, at 55, still get all hot and bothered when I hear their recordings.  Those were great years.

Comments are mine and mine alone and I dedicate this to the memory of Hughie Thomasson  and Billy Jones

Some of the songs are live, a few are studio and sometimes I had a hard time (but fun)  deciding which version to use. I was also limited to what would fit on a 90 minute cassette tape, as per my instructions.

In no particular order, (except for the last song, which was always the last song)  here is 72:52 of The Florida Gutitar Army.

As Harden would  say…..Volume Up.

There Goes Another Love Song    The AM Radio Hit from the first record named after the band.

Waterhole A kick-ass instrumental and the first Outlaws song I ever heard. At age 17,  when I wasn’t sure I wanted to keep playing the guitar, this song convinced me. Also from the first record.

Breaker Breaker  Opening track from Lady In Waiting record and requested by Mr. Harden to be on the list, which was never a question anyway. It helps to be old enough to remember the heyday of CB radio.

South Carolina   From Lady in Waiting. A song about where I’ve called home for the last  19 years.

Girl From Ohio  From Lady in Waiting. For my friends in Licking County.

Knoxville Girl   Since we talking geography and women…

Hurry Sundown Title track of that  album and one of Hughie’s best songs. I love playing this song and wish I could get the band to play it.

You Are The Show From Playin’ to Win Album. “We’re just the players…you are the show”

Ghostriders In The Sky  It is disapointing that a cover song became their biggest hit, but that’s how it goes sometimes. I also added it since it shows a much older Hughie Thomasson, just two months before his death from an apparent heart attack. Listen for his signature whistle towards the end.

So Afraid  From Hurry Sundown. Putting into a song how we all  have felt at one time or another.

Angels Hide  From The Ghost Riders record. This is very close to my absolute favorite song of all time.

Song in The Breeze   Opening song on the first record. Probably the prettiest song they ever did…Listen to the harmonies.

Green Grass & High Tides  The finale for every show.  I regret that I never got to see them live. From the first record…it was one of the first 9 minute songs ever to be played on the radio…this is an outstanding, live version.

As the band evolved, it just wasn’t the same. And there were a few more studio records, but in my mind, they just don’t count.  Sorry, Henry.

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Living in Aiken, South Carolina, USA, I like to share what I am looking at, thinking about or listening to. I refer to this as the view out my window. Thanks for stopping by.
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