I Got Them Long Range Forecast Blues

Hi, my name is Ray and I am a recovering work-a- holic.  I have been struggling in my recovery and unfortunately, am not following my program.  My sponsor is having the same setbacks and hasn’t been much help.

These days, there are only a very few things that I make the time to do…besides sleep, eat and work.

If you have been looking out my window with me for any  of the five years it has existed, you might recall that I am an over-confidant,  weekend warrior guitarist in a classic, garage band made up of middle age dads. (Get the picture?)

We have been playing together for about ten years now,  with some folks (including myself) moving in and out of the lineup from time to time… changing players and changing names. An early reference can be be found in this story.

We are scheduled to play at an outdoor, oyster roast fundraiser next Saturday and the long range forecast calls for freezing rain changing to rain. Who ever heard of such a thing in South Carolina as March begins? Dam that Global Warming.

Tickets are still available (I don’t expect the folks from Australia who read this blog to make the trip, but it would be nice to see our friends from California and Maine make an effort to come by. I’ll buy you a beer.)

You can click on this to make it larger.

You can click on this to make it larger.

What was supposed to be fun has become just one more thing to worry about.

Those putting the event on  will work something  out, like moving it indoors somewhere.  At least I hope so.

Wherever it ends up, the guys from Live, Like Larry will be there with some new songs and a cleaner sound….bring your dancing shoes.

We started planning for this show here.  (There are a few links included, that should you care, you can learn more about the band and see a few photos)

For those of you who might be interested, below is the set list for the evening. All are covers, but Sweet Dreams Amanda was written by our Gavin Riley (guitar/vocals) and received the award for the best song of 2003 in Augusta, GA. I’ll also note that “Happy” is by Sister Hazel, not  that song by P. Williams that people feel inclined to do videos with on YouTube.

Set List V.8.0 2015 Oyster Roast copy copy

You can see that I got my way with the opening song.

Thanks again for following and reading SVU.

You being here makes me smile.    th


About Ray V.

Living between Aiken & Charleston,, South Carolina, USA, I like to share what I am looking at, thinking about or listening to. I refer to this as the view out my window. Thanks for stopping by.
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