A Change Of Venue

There is something special about having three daughters.

My Women.

My Women.

When someone asks me what it is like, I usually comment that there are three adjectives that come to mind: loving, dramatic & expensive.

As long as I have the first one, I can live with the other two.

Notice the down parka...

Notice the down parka…

You may recall last year I bragged about our youngest daughter getting accepted into all seven colleges she applied to and that she decided to attend Marquette University, located in Milwaukee, WI … nineteen hours away by car.

She had a good year. There was talk about maybe transferring, but that came and went (remember, drama, albeit minor drama).

Towards the end of June, she came to us and told us that she wanted to transfer to Auburn University in Alabama.

OK, why not?

Change to shorts...

Change to shorts…

She provided a plethora of reasons, but daddy knows the heart of his little girl and while I might take some incomming shots, here are my thoughts on the possible reasons why:

1. She wanted to exchange eight months of Winter for ten months of Summer.

2. Being raised in the South, many of the boys she met “up North” were not as polite as they are “down South”.

3. She grew tired of long weekends where she couldn’t come home.

4. After a brief hospital visit for a severe migraine, she realized that Mom & Dad could not be there all the time when she would like us there.

5. Four hours is a doable drive, nineteen is not.

6. Auburn has football…SEC football at that.

So, she is now in Auburn, AL and I’ll be making my first trip there Monday to help her move into the apartment she is sharing with two other young women, one of which is a long-time family friend.

Megan and her mom, (my wife) appear happy and if they are happy … well, you know the rest.

But who will I be rooting for on October 25th?

Go Cocks! (maybe)

As a sideline, here is a screen shot from my iPhone from yesterday, Jelly helps babysit for a brother (Charlie, age 7) and his sister, (Helen, age 4)…Image 4

It is all in jest and all is good in my world.

About Ray V.

Living between Aiken & Nashville, TN, USA, I like to share what I am looking at, thinking about or listening to. I refer to this as the view out my window. Thanks for stopping by.
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2 Responses to A Change Of Venue

  1. Auburn’s a great school! I used to know some of the math faculty there, back when I was a grad student (but that was thirty years ago; at the time Auburn was absolutely top notch in engineering, science, and math, and it likely still is). Best wishes to Megan!


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