Little Things Are Important

Below is a link to a recent article by one of my college biology professors.

Another year, another Fall day, another view of The Terrace at MSM.

Another year, another Fall day, another view of The Terrace at MSM.

Dr. Bill Meredith was interesting then and is still interesting now.

When I read the story, I can still hear his voice, even after the three decades that passed by since I graduated in 1982.

There is a book full of “little things” that I cherish about my years at The Mount.

I look forwrd to being able to contact him, (so far, recent attempts have not been fruitful) to visit this Fall on my next visit to Emmitsburg.

His latest column is entitled Little Things.

Dr. Bill Meredith

Dr. Bill Meredith

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3 Responses to Little Things Are Important

  1. Morguie says:

    That’s really neat! I didn’t like Father Biasio, my h.s. biology teacher. Had a very thick Italian accent and he’d say words in such a manner no one knew what he was talking about. Hemoglobin…was pronounced heeeeeeeeee*MOE* gla*bean. That’s what I can remember from his class that I didn’t pass very satisfactorily. Had to make up that one class before I could be admitted to mortuary school.
    Yup. But, hey, I actually had a “reunion” with my Father Biasio when he showed up on my embalming table about 25 years later. I did an extra thorough operation as I prepared him for burial, just in case he’s up for beatification someday (I may have missed some of his saintly -if any- attributes while I was busy ignoring him back in the day), you never know!
    Sounds like you actually LIKED your biology instructor. Wow! That joy I’ll never know…but I do think it’s fantastic that you can re-connect, etc. I love being able to find fondly remembered friends and reconnect. Love class reunions.


    • Thanks for the commet. I’m not sure how much I liked him at the time as I struggled with most of his classes. It is however, with the the wisdom of aging that I am able to appreciate what was instilled in me during those years and am happy to give credit where credit is probably due.

      BTW….Vacation has come and gone and I was not able to find the excitement/interest in going back to writing for a magazine. Consequently and regrettably, I never put anything together for MM.


      • Morguie says:

        I hear you. No worries, my friend. There was no pressure. Just an genuine urging that you share your story, really. 🙂


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