What A Short, Strange Trip It’s Been

…a play off a Grateful Dead song.

I have successfully returned from my visit to Milwaukee.

A few observations:


Showing the Sigma Kappa “sign” at Miller Stadium.

It was cold & very windy in Milwaukee this weekend….you could still see your breath on Saturday afternoon, which wouldn’t be bad if you were not trying to tailgate with approximately 30,000 of your closest friends at Miller Ball Park. Note: The massive parking lot has absolutely no markings on the light poles to help you remember where you parked….causing my daughter, her friend Tara and I to walk an extra mile or so trying to find my manly, rental toy car. I accept responsibility for not taking a better mental picture upon arrival. That being said, those Brewers fans know how to party it down on game day.

As big as the stadium looks…and it looks big, it only holds half as many people as Williams-Brice Stadium in Columbia. I know we are mixing apples and orranges, but I was shocked because Miller visually, appears larger.

The flights were unusual. First, refer to the link above for the set up. When we were delayed and hour and a half by the TSA, the flight atendant kept announcing that it was the TSA’s fault and that Delta was just as mad as we were…well, maybe not as much, but they were mad too.

When I arrived back at AGS last night, I happened to see one of the airport police officers (not TSA) and went up and asked him if he had heard about what happened on Friday morning. He had and we engaged in a cordial chat about the event. His story was that the inspector did board the plane without notice and once he had done so, went to the pilot in the cockpit and advised him, but that everything was OK and there was no further action to take. Then, he told me that it was the pilot that insisted that everyone de-plane and a security sweep be performed.

Well, it appears that there is a conflict of the facts. Imagine that.

In ATL, as the storms were passing and we were preparing to take off on our MD-88, I looked out and saw this 767 and thought it made a nice photo

In ATL, as the storms were passing and we were preparing to take off on our MD-88, I looked out and saw this 767 and thought it made a nice photo

The flights home were interesting. On the first leg from MKE to ATL, we skirted some pretty big thunderstorms just outside ATL, making for a very exillerating ride.

On the second leg, we came into AGS on a different path than I had ever been on before, and what appeared to be a little lower than normal as we got closer. Following I-20 to Augusta, we flew up over Wrightsboro Rd and just to the West of Daniel Field, and for a moment, I thought he was going to land at the wrong airport. (The most used path to AGS (Bush Field) brings you over the top of the airport and then as soon as you pass it, a hard, right turn and steep descend gets you onto the runway. It is an unusual landing scenerio.

He proceeded on to the proper airport and we landed without incident.

Another interesting fact is that I met someone I knew on each leg of the flight.

The “Doves & Dads Weekend” was over….thanks for a great visit, Megan.

About Ray V.

Living between Aiken & Nashville, TN, USA, I like to share what I am looking at, thinking about or listening to. I refer to this as the view out my window. Thanks for stopping by.
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6 Responses to What A Short, Strange Trip It’s Been

  1. Love the toy car and the ride along your journey Ray.


  2. Meade says:

    Hey, Ray! I think I see Althouse and Meade right… about… THERE – over your right shoulder and down a few rows. Thanks for the shout out at her blog!

    Last night, the Crew made up for getting blanked by that outstanding Cubs’ pitching on Sunday. I stayed up and watched all 11 and a half innings. Best win of the season so far.

    Glad you enjoyed Wisconsin. You come back now and see us.


  3. Cold and very windy? Milwaukee??? I jest, of course. Nicholas said he never, ever felt such wind.


  4. Morguie says:

    Sounds like weather trouble was avoided and you got home unscathed. Good to hear in light of the awful tornadoes around the south recently.


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