Sunday At The Gym

For those with open hearts…..

I will not speak for Elder Sergei of Vanves, as I have not yet read this book, but as I look at the words below, I sense them spoken in a loving, caring, tone, not one of crticism or condemnation.

One of his many books

One of his many books

Just like we should work our physical bodies to make them stronger, we also need to work out in the “Spritual Gym” to prepare for life once we are done here …and we need to work out more than once a week. I wish I was beter disciplined to do more of both.

A strong message…not sugar coated at all. It is refreshing to hear about truths.

Thank you, Fr. Thomas Moore for sending this.

“Prayer should not depend upon our mood or good will. If we are in a bad state, it’s because we are filled with sin. Thus, we need to repent. Every day, examine your conscience and repent. Force yourself to pray regularly every day. If you don’t want to do that, then you need to repent of that. You must understand how necessary this is.

Know that the devil lurks and waits to destroy your soul, and that you are always in danger. Prayer alone will give your soul the strength to resist. In order to acquire spiritual muscles, you have to go to the spiritual gym”.

Elder Sergei of Vanves, Life & Teachings, pg 149, published by Divine Ascent Press

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