Return On Investment

Please stick with me to the end on this one. I will consider it a personal favor if you do and I will be in your debt forever…sort of like in “The Godfather”.

We all know the topics we are supposed to avoid in social environments to be sure that no one’s feelings get hurt…or you get into a fist-fight over desert….

The things Daddy's  do......

The things Daddy’s do……

The classic short list of social minefields has always included politics and religion. Occasionally, I have observed heated discussions revolving around professional and college sports teams. (Even I would never stoop that low…unless it has to do with that agricultural college in the upstate of SC.)

In the spirit of full disclosure, I have willingly jousted in all these arenas and am often told I am as subtle as a gasoline tanker, on a 8% downgrade, with no breaks.

I really do believe that that some issues are black or white…right or wrong..and feelings do not change facts just because someone wants them to.

I have been recently reminded of the many times I have entered into discussions with other parents weighing the pros and cons of sending children to Catholic Schools vs. allowing the government to educate them. I came across an article a few weeks ago and found it interesting that the basic premise was that parents are bad for sending their kids to private school and if you gave the government schools a monopoly, it would evolve into a better product. I am quite confident that history would indicate that would not likely happen.

Both my wife and I were, as Jimmy Buffet would say, “victims” of Catholic education and early on in our relationship, way before we got serious, we talked that if we ever got married and had kids, we would do whatever it took to be able to afford to send them to Catholic school…..and we did. We hoped that the sacrifice and struggle would be worth it and that we would get a good Return on Investment, (ROI) on the time and money spent.

I am going to spare you pages and pages of my years as a father and as a member of the local, business community with regards to my experiences between our local, public schools and the Catholic Schools our daughters attended. I believe my observations over the last twenty five years or so would make a compelling defense. Maybe another time.

The purpose today is to verify that, while some of our financial investments are not performing as we would like them to be, our investment in the education of our three girls continues to pay handsome dividends.

Below is a link to our youngest daughter’s blog. (yeah, I guess it runs in the family). The Daily Life of MCV is only a week old and I have suggested to her that she takes her first entry and turn it into an “About” page.

I will call your attention to something that she wrote on 9/11/2013. I will warn you, that it is one paragraph with 2,864 words.

For me, this is the report “from” the stockholders. This is also the balance sheet and operating statements that verify that even though there were many years that “the company” may have operated in the red, the goals and objectives of the board were being met.

The story I hope you are about to read, has been printed off and locked away in a secret place with some other of my prized possessions.

All grown up and making good choices...

Growing up and making sound choices…

Coincidentally, she calles this, If you must read something long today…

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2 Responses to Return On Investment

  1. Awesome. Thanks for sharing. E.


  2. Funeral Home Louisville Guy12 says:

    I agree that taking the competition away for the government to have a monopoly on education would be a huge mistake. I went to a Catholic school. I sacrificed so that my son could go to a Catholic and feel wholeheartedly that it was worth every penny and every long work day.


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