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This morning, I received an e-mail with a link to a Kickstarter account….see Peppi Marchello link below. Many of you are probably familiar with Kickstarter as it is a way for people to “pre-fund” ideas by raising capital in small increments…..I have heard it referred to as “Raising venture capital at the grassroots level”

Peppi Marchello: Songwriter

He's got his tails and tophat.....

He’s got his tails and tophat…..

This particular project is for a book that is being composed of the lyrics written by the late Peppi Marchello, of The Good Rats, along with pictures of his career. It will be a great tribute to the man I wrote about here: My Youth is Officially Over

I clicked on the link, watched the video and was surprised to see a photograph that I took ….as one of my buddy’s would say, “How cool is that?”…Peppi in the blue, T shirt at 1:09 into the video was taken at The Jefferson House in Lake Hopatcong, NJ on June 26, 2011. (The photo can also be found in the article mentioned in the previous paragraph)

Somehow, Google was able to pull it from my blog, as I recall also seeing it back in July, when Peppi died and I was reading several articles and reviewing photos of him and the band. I saw the photo then, clicked on the picture and it took me back to my blog…..technology is a beautiful thing, unless it is in the hands of the NSA, oops….alas, I digress.

I then sent an e-mail to Cliff Meth, author and friend of Peppi’s who is organizing this book. I have gotten to know Cliff through some e-mails and reading a book of his, (that Peppi sent me last year as a gift). Cliff has been kind enough to humor me and reply to my notes and he seems to be a “stand up guy”. I mentioned in the note that I had made a donation and that I hoped the project became fully funded. I also cited the aforementioned photo and Cliff replied that if I sent the original to him with a release, they would consider it for the book. (He stressed “consider”…no guarantees, but they already picked it once, right?)

The idea of possibly having a photo in this book has made my day, weekend and month, (and it’s only September 1st). As a man who is fifty-three, part of me feels as if this is kind of silly. But, when I go and review the internet comments written about Peppi and the band, I realize that many of them come from older folks than me and they are voicing the same sentiments, so I’m still in. Peppi was a genius at connecting with his fans and the comments and memories bear that out. Since I first saw him when I was sixteen, that is a lot of years connecting.

In a small way, I am helping preserve his legacy…and a small part of mine.

Maybe a few Good Rats fans will find this article while searching on the Internet and make a donation….the more the merrier.

The picture above can only be from a live performance of Fred Upstairs & Ginger Snappers, from the Tasty Album. The song shows a jazzier side to the band.

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