This I Learned While I Shivered

This past Saturday afternoon, shortly after completing a funeral service, I became host to that most dreaded and unwelcome visitor…the flu. I spent the next forty-eight hours in bed. I don’t think I have ever felt that bad in my entire life….it hurt to even touch my hair. Of course, as I continue to age, remembering is not one of my strongpoints.

In between sleeping and shivering, I was fascinated by the farce that played out over the weekend and Monday (and no doubt will continue) as the administration continues to masterfully deflect, (with the unflinching and unquestioning assistance of the main stream media) attention away from what a real mess this Country is in. As I started to feel a little better Monday afternoon, I channel surfed (there really is nothing of value on TV anymore, really… there is not) and caught a few news shows, and listened to Rush. I came away with enough sleep filtered facts to allow me to make the statement about “masterful deflection”

I recall hearing that this woman was put on the schedule at the last minute, in place of a man who had been vetted and acknowledged as having some degree of expertise.

The rest is, as they say……history.

This morning, feeling 100% better and ready to go back to work, I was reading my morning feeds and came across the following article on The article, by Lori Ziganto is a very cogent evaluation of what is happening, also using some historical facts to back up her premise. Be sure to click on the hyper-links in the article and also read some of the comments listed as they are as telling as the article itself.

I fear for the Country that my generation is leaving for the next..

Limbaugh, Fluke, “War onWomen” and The Travesty of Cravenly Caving To Lies of The Left

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