Selectively Smearing Sarah

Whether you adore her or despise her, this article, from The American Thinker should make you ponder.

The left is afraid of this woman...very afraid

Selectively Smearing Sarah

Personally, I think she would be a great president. Apparently, those on the left think so too. If they didn’t, why would they spend countless dollars and hours working to try to destroy her at every turn? If she was as unelectable and moronic as they say she is, why wouldn’t they just ignore her and let her wither on the vine and use the money and energy on a “real candidate”?

Just asking?

And if that doesn’t make you think, here is another article from this morning, using absurdity to describe the absurd. From PajamasMedia…..Stalking The Dark Lady

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1 Response to Selectively Smearing Sarah

  1. Kurt Harden says:

    She has been treated horribly. If a woman of the left was treated that way, it would make Katie Couric mad.


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