Aiken County Pauper Service

A long standing tradition in our great county…….

Here is the report from last year.

Capt. Bobby Wilson, ACSO

Pauper Burial Ceremony in Aiken County

Five deceased Aiken County men and one woman whose bodies have gone unclaimed were laid to rest on Friday June 03, 2011 at 10:00 at the Calvary Cemetery on Gregg Highway as part of a pauper burial.

Friends and family of the deceased who could be found will be notified, but many had no one to claim them.

The six urns awaiting burial

The cremated remains of Mr. Shane Zellner who was born 11/24/1974 and died 07/27/2010, Ms. Christine Abbott who was born 06/12/1963 and died 10/12/2010, and Mr. Edward Weber, Jr. who was born 07/29/1951 and died 12/03/2010, and Mr. Frank D. Allen who was born 01/28/1948 and died 04/02/2011 Carlton Satterfield was born 03/10/1941 and died 04/18/2011 and Ronald Battle born 03/13/1957 and died 04/23/2011.

Anyone who may want to pay his or her respects is invited to attend the graveside services. The Coroner’s Office has made every effort to contact their families, but some didn’t have the financial resources to properly bury an extended family member and some couldn’t be found.

Deacon Bob Waters, St. Mary Help of Christians Church, praying for the souls of the deceased

Donations for the service were provided by the St. Marys Help of Christians Catholic Church, Deacon Bob Waters, Mr. James Yaughn with Cannon Florist & Gifts provided the spray of flowers, Clark Interment Services for preparing the graves, George Funeral Home and Cremation Center provided the tents, burial and cremation of the deceased. Shellhouse-Rivers Funeral Home and also Hatcher Funeral Home for the cremation of the deceased, New Future Granite II for the preparation of the headstones, Captain Bobby Wilson with the Aiken County Sheriffs Office and the citizens of Aiken County.

Cheri Hicks, Regency Hospice and Coroner Tim Carlton


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2 Responses to Aiken County Pauper Service

  1. wonderful service for your community, our county still requires casketed burial in their pauper cemetery.


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