This has been brewing for about two years or so.

It’s just another choice, but one that would be very expensive for funeral homes/crematories to bring into the mainstream. I just don’t see this happening, at least in the next 5-10 years.

Please read the article….tell us what you think….would you consider this as an option?

From Fox News

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8 Responses to Bio-Cremation?

  1. Linda Gill says:

    I cannot believe that this process could be considered “green”–especially when the by-products can burn skin or damage pipes. And even more than this, I can’t imagine why anyone would want to use this process as a method to care for the body of a loved one. I guess different people are fine with different forms of body disposition, but this would never be my choice for a loved one or anyone else!


  2. Edith Smith says:

    WELL !! I guess it all depends on how much you loved/or not loved…. as to where you send him/her…. to heaven or down the toilet…there are a lot of couples that live together (married )for years hateing each other as thier religion don’t let them divorce. oops down the toilet….Its sad isn’t it. I don’t think that option will fly…. edie


  3. Jim Kohl says:

    Yuk! I am not a real fan of cremation, but this gets a strong thumbs down.


  4. Ray,
    I have had as many requests for green burial as I have for bio-cremation…zip, zero, none. this may be the next great service families will want, but when they have to pay 3 or 4 times the price of a simple cremation, I think they will keep the wallets in the back pocket. Hope ya’ll are warming up in the Palmetto state…65 plus here today!


  5. Carla says:

    As a chemist, I question the strength and composition of the alkali that can be safely ‘poured down the drain’. How would the concept be accepted? Would the family like Aunt Maude to be mixed with God knows what in the sewers?

    I believe this needs much more study.


  6. Dale Clock says:

    Don’t ignore this idea just because no one has asked you about it. Within 5 years the cost of the equipment will be comparable to current cremation equipment and it will be accepted as another form of disposition. Not really better or worse just another way. But marketers will try to give a positive spin on it.


  7. E. says:

    “Brewing” indeed. E.


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