Big Red Fills In

Two stories tonight in the second person. Thank you to Dale Clock ( for the idea.

Hi, my name is “Big Red” and I am a two-month old Black Lab and my adopted human father is letting me write this column so he can take a break tonight.

That's me, Big Red, cooling off in the lake

I got the name “Big Red”, because when I was born, my mama’s humans put different color ribbons around our necks so they could tell us apart, (we could tell the difference without the ribbons, but you know how humans are). That’s the “red” part. The “big” part is because I already weigh the most of all my brothers and sisters. I have overheard that I have “island size paws”, whatever that means. After eight -weeks of being at the lake with mama and my nine brothers and sisters, it was now time for me and my cutest sister, MacKenzie, to start our new life in Aiken.

MacKenzie working on perfecting her Doggie Paddle

A human mama and one of her daughters, who had visited us many times since we were born came the lake the other day and after taking many pictures with our human parents, piled us into a car and took us away, driving almost two hours and with great fanfare, we were brought to our new home.

Some of the nice neighbors have already stopped by to play with us.

Wow!, Lot’s of new smells and things to look at. Santa Clause must live here because they had so many new toys for us to play with…and we play with them all. Every puppy knows it is better to chew on toys than it is to chew on tables and chairs. It’s just a career sensitive choice. We didn’t need too many toys at our old house because we had the lake and each other to play with and it doesn’t get much better than that. Toys are a close second, though.

MacKenzie already helping with the landscaping chores.

We were introduced to the king and queen of the residence, Snickers and Maggie.

The King and Queen of our acre and a half

They are both seven-year old Black Labs that outweigh us by about six times each. At first, we were a little surprised that they were not as excited to meet us as we were about meeting them. The human father says its something about being an Alpha Male. Snickers was not very friendly at all and his adopted-sister Maggie seemed to be scared of MacKenzie.

Snickers keeping an eye on us

I guess that when you are almost eight years old, you slow down a bit and the energy and curiosity of two puppies takes a little getting used to.

My cute, but sometimes bossy sister. Puppy teeth are sharp, you know.

It has been three days now and things are starting to settle down a bit. My sister and I share a crate and the humans always remember to let us out into the woods behind the house so we don’t have any accidents.

I have included some pictures as my sister and I are very photogenic and I know you will enjoy seeing pictures of us.

Exploring in our new yard

Best wishes……”Big Red”

About Ray V.

Living between Aiken & Charleston,, South Carolina, USA, I like to share what I am looking at, thinking about or listening to. I refer to this as the view out my window. Thanks for stopping by.
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3 Responses to Big Red Fills In

  1. Dale Clock says:

    Welcome to Aiken Big Red & MacKenzie.

    I know your new parents will take great care of you. And don’t worry about the King & Queen, they’ll get used to you in a little bit. See if you can talk your Dad into bringing you to work sometime. I know lots of the people who come to see him would love to play with you. Sometimes humans can say stuff to dogs that they just can’t say to each other. And humans always need lots of kisses.

    Take care

    Dale and our kids Ernie, Mac, Lucy & Duchess


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  3. Big Red, you are quite the handsome dog. I think if I’m ever in the Aiken, SC, area I’ll urge my human parents to meet up so we can explore wonderful smells together. I’m “fixed,” too, but I love meeting new friends in our journeys. Until we meet, happy tail waggin’. Lexie the bullmastiff.

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