May Their Memories Be Eternal

Every year, since I took over the funeral home in 1999, we have been involved in the annual burial of “paupers” at Calvary Cemetery. The annual event, started by long time coroner, the late Sue Townsend has been carried on by current coroner, Tim Carlton.

Participants gather for the service

These are the remains of folks who either had no known family or had family that just could not afford a funeral. This year’s burial consisted of ten urns. Active participants, in addition to Coroner Carlton included Mr. Rev. Bob Waters, Deacon at St. Mary’s Help of Christians Catholic Church and Ms. Cheri Hicks, social worker for Regency Hospice.

Several medial outlets were present for the service

As the years pass by, we have become more and more involved to the point where the coroner’s office gives us a date and we make the arrangements with the cemetery, St. Mary Help of Christians Catholic Church and Clark Interment Services who dig the graves and provide the tents and chairs. Cannon House Florists provide flowers for the graves. It is good to provide this service to our community. Everyone participates without hesitation. We along with two other funeral homes in the county, also assist by cremating the individuals for the coroner’s office through the course of the year.

Cheri Hicks shares some inspirational thoughts

Here are the names of those buried this morning, May 28, 2010.

May their memories be eternal.

* Janie Conaway, July 18, 1916-May 26, 2008

* Michael Bostwick, Jan. 22, 1957-June 10, 2009

* Martin Jarrett, Dec. 7, 1972-June 26, 2009

* Angel Rosario, Nov. 12, 1939-June 6 2009

* Narcissie Todd, Feb. 15, 1929-Aug. 22, 2009

* Cecil Griffen Jr., July 04, 1947-Oct. 11, 2009

* Carolyn Miller, Nov. 2, 1942-Nov. 16, 2009

* Timothy Hall June 9,1953-Jan. 31, 2010

* Catherine Burno, March 14,1930-March 5, 2010

* Billie Ray Hardie, Aug. 27, 1950-March 14, 2010

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