Easy There, Pal

I received two telephone calls this morning, inquiring if I was OK?

Apparently, my Introspective post yesterday caused concern to some.

Thanks for caring, but all is well.

3 black crows

3 black crows

To demonstrate my happiness, here is a happy song.

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No, that’s not a song by some New Age band.

It is the mood that I am in this evening.

In case you didn’t know, I’m human, a sinner and often wonder whether I am on the right path.

I have to acknowledge that I am more likely to see and recall my shortcommings than I am my victories. I wish I could develop the “discipline of attention” to follow through on the things I promise to God, my family and myself, but alas … I’m just me.

I was struck by this scene on Tuesday morning..recurring reflections….

I was struck by this scene on Tuesday morning..recurring reflections….

Some blogs I read to be entertained, some to learn “stuff” and some just because I like the publisher’s style. I also read some blogs to challenge myself to be better… different. To remind myself of the kind of man that deep down I know I should be, but am often too lazy or distracted to attain.

Blogs that challenge me to evaluate my essence.

Here is one of those blogs. Lisa has the ability and courage to tell stories from the center of her being.

No pretense, no shame…just the way it is.

That is a gift.

Her blog is called “Quiet Confidence” and today she posted Graceful Thoughts

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Starting Early

I came accross this sign last week at I-20, Exit 61 in Lexington, SC. (about an hour and a half away from The National)

They are starting early this year. Image

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Quote Of The Day

From the Soul Gatherings Blog, Today’s quote. alliums

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Two Service Lessons from Trying to Buy a Pair of Jeans

A Simple Village Undertaker:

These types of behaviors transcend many different fields. If I had a dollar for everytime I have run into these situations…..

Good lesson, Laurie.

Originally posted on Laurie Barkman:

Neat Stack of Blue JeansI walked into a store last weekend looking for a new pair of jeans.  Three young sales people were working.  All were busy sorting or tidying up.  One greeted me immediately with a warm smile and welcome, followed by an immediate offer of assistance. When I told her I was just browsing, she told me about their ‘Buy One, Get One 1/2 off” special and invited me to let her know if I had any questions.  Nice ….

As I browsed, all three sales people started talking to each other about their manager and the staff meeting that had been held within the last few days.  In a nutshell … the manager had let the team know she felt they didn’t treat her with respect and one had shot back “when you start treating us with respect, we’ll respect you”. Discussion around that juicy tidbit went on for a bit. Then…

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Yes, Remember

I intentionally did not have a “9/11″ themed post this year.

I saved it for today.

“A few years ago a man from Lexington, SC wrote a comment on one of my blog postings in which he pointed out that “Never Forget” makes use of two negative terms. He suggested the use of two positive words: “Always Remember.” I have since adopted that perspective.”

For the rest of the story, read here: Always Remember

If you read my previous post, A Night Out, you know that I did a bit of driving on Thursday, (9-11)

I was literally moved to tears as I drove on I-77 through Rock Hill, SC. (Rock Hill, SC is just South of Charlotte, NC and many would consider it a “suburban bedroom community of Charlotte, but it surely has it’s own identity)

It was the beginning of the the afternoon rush hour, the good news being was that I was heading into the city while most were trying to leave.

I was coming up on an overpass and I noticed several men and women on the overpass, waving fairly large American Flags at the traffic going in both directions.

I thought, Hey, that’s pretty cool and I gave them a “thumbs-up” through the windshield as I pased under the overpass. (sounds like a name for a song someday, “Under The Overpass”?)

I continued on, wondering who they were?

A few more miles, another overpass….more flags.

I looked closer this time… men, women, young, old…all smiling, all waving, most holding the flag of our great Country, (still great, despite those working feverishly to destroy it).

I could hear the air horns on the trucks around me.

People rolling down windows and waving back.

Wow, this is amazing!

The scene was re-played almost a dozen times on all the overpasses in the Rock Hill area.

To the men & women, unknown to me who took the time to plan and execute this event, “Thank You. I will always remember.”

I thought to do a search and entered in “Rock Hill Flag wavers”.. 86,000 entries!!!, starting with this:

Pay attention Washington, South Carolina still cares.

At the show, Steve asked for song requests and someone yelled out, “The American in Me” and he commented that he probably wouldn’t do that one tonight. For whatever reason, he changed his mind. I was a bit surprised as Elissa sang the song (along with most of those attending) word for word.

Wow, this is amazing!

From a few years ago…

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A Night Out

Last night, I met our middle daughter Elissa, (aka Jelly) in her new, home city of Charlotte, NC to see Steve Forbert play at The Stage Door.

I have been a fan of Steve’s music since 1978… my freshman year at Mt. St. Mary’s College and the year of he released his first LP, Alive on Arrival.

I have 24 CDs, three DVD’s, a signed harmonica and several T shirts, some dating back to the 1980’s.

I have never counted, but estimate I have seen Steve play approximately thirty times.

Last night was the first time I took one of our daughters to dinner and then a Forbert show and Steve did not let us down. Several of his standards with a few, lesser known or cover songs, all complemented by Steve’s on-stage presence and story telling.

Steve appeared to be really having fun and it was contagious. Elissa mentioned that she knew she was going to like the music, but it was Steve’s ability to connect with the audience that made it outstanding….along with spending an evening with the old man.

It was a special moment Jelly & I shared…especially when we had the opportunity to spend a few minutes with Steve after the show.

Elissa, Steve and me, after the show.

Elissa, Steve and me, after the show.

I had sent Steve an e-mail earlier in the week, asking if he would play “Tonight I Feel So Far Away From Home” This is from the first record and the first of many Forbert songs I learned to play on the guitar. It was a remarkably passionate verion of the song and was greatly appreciated by yours truly. My guess it was because of my request as I do not recall ever hearing him play it live and there are no live versions of the song on YouTube.

Thanks, Steve and I’m glad I brought one more fan into the pack. It will always be a specaial memory for me.

Yea, I ended up with only four and a half hours of sleep last night, but it was worth it.

Here is the song, studio version.

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