“I Lost The Boat”

From the golden days of television….the 1960’s

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Stop, Think, Speak

Here is a funny story about a situation that I would never want to find myself in.

Of course, I could not even if I wanted to at this point of my life. th

The Rules of Engagement

Too bad he made a bad day worse.

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I Hate When That Happens

Yesterday was a very long day…I left the house at 0630 and got in at 2115.

I had an idea for a blog post and between this and that, fit it in….only to realize this morning I mis-spelled one of the most important words in the story, not once but twice….”Rigorous”

I wouldn’t even mention that except for the fact that it was liked by many and re-blogged by a few….that’s embarrassing.

If any of you missed it, here is the corrected version…with my apologies.

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Value Honesty

Good friends are hard to find.

Friends who are honest with you are even rarer.

I once recall a mentor teaching me the definition of the term “Rigorous Honesty”, which he defined as “abscence of the intent to deceive”

How many people do you know who are rigorously honest with you? Image 21

Are you rigorously honest with your family & friends?

Do you have people in your life that will gently call you out when you are wrong and guide you back?

Do you have people in your life who know all your secrets…and still like you…and vice versa?

I do and count myself fortunate.

You get it by giving it.

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Minus The Train

DK gives us a simple review of his day.

Looks familiar, minus the train. th

Yup, about right.

But where does he fit in blogging?

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From The Dad Of Three Daughters


It is said a picture is worth a thousand words…

Here’s a picture.

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I meant to publish this last week, on the day of the 25th anniversary, but forgot. I finished the book this afternoon and decided late was better than never.

The Opening paragraph: 232-Book-Shadow-271x497

“Martha Conant traveled regularly for her job with Hewlett-Packard in Denver. On that Wednesday, she was on her way back to Philadelphia to work with a client. She didn’t even look at her ticket until she was at the airport. She had been assigned a seat in the last row. She checked the display boards and saw that she could wait a couple of hours for a non-stop flight instead of this one, which was making a stop in Chicago. After thinking it over, she decided that she could get some work done on the plane. She kept her reservation for United Flight 232. The date was July 19, 1989″.

Thus begins the story of a DC-10, registered as “November 1819 Uniform”, flying that day as United Flight 232.

This is the book that tells the story of Flt. 232

What was unique about this event was that the crash itself was videotaped as there was almost 45 minutes warning from when the plane experienced a catastrophic failure of it’s #2 engine, causing all three hydraulic systems to fail, to when it crash landed in Sioux City.

I remmember this crash for many reasons. I had recently earned some certifications and was officially a member of one of the first D-MORT teams in the Country. Because of how I found myself in that role, I was also considered a civillian member of the NJ State Police Office of Emergency Management (NJSP-OEM).

Team 2 was put on stand-by for this crash, but it was the fact that a recently retired NJSP Trooper, Gerald Dobson and his wife both died in the crash that allowed me access to information that normally would be very difficult to have acess to.

One of the few video tapes I still have.

One of the few video tapes I still have.

Because of the lead time and also that so many passengers survived the crash, the event was documented and used in training for all types of emergency responders. I still have my copy of Alert 3, which is a VHS video tape about the crash and the response.

I realize that this might not have broad appeal, but for those of you that fly from time to time, it should be interesting.

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