Whisper WIngs

You know that tingly little feeling you get when you really like someone?  th-4

That’s common sense leaving your body.  


Thanks, David

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The counter is “screwed and glued” into place.

It is just a matter of time…..

I’m sure someone thought long and hard as to whether the insides of this toilet will ever malfunction.

Planning.  It’s all about planning.

I’m back from the journey “Up North”, visiting my parents  and now deciding what stories I will tell and which will remain private.

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The Snow Turned Into Rain

The trip to visit my parents is winding down and in a few hours I’ll be on my way back to South Carolina and my version of “Realsville”.

Aside from trying to help my parents with several issues, (stressing “tried”) I ran into several people I have not seen in many years …parents of kids I played with forty years ago, one  friend who was a regular, childhood  playmate that I had not seen since since we graduated from WHRHS in  1978, having breakfast with my parents  in the diner that is still owned by the same brothers that ran it in the 1970’s and lastly, while at church with my parents, bumping into  a relative via my marriage that I have not seen in a few years.

Memories, most good, some melancholy… all welcome.

Since I’ll be traveling and then catching up when I get home,  I will note that Tuesday is the seventh anniversary of the death of Dan Fogelberg.

Many have described Dan writing “the soundtrack of my life”.  I include myself in that group, especially with much of Dan’s early material. You can put his name in my blog’s  search box and get the stories.

One of Dan’s biggest, if not his biggest hit, was An Auld Lang Syne.  No, I didn’t run into an old girl friend, but running into “the past” caused some of the same reactions.

It is all part of what made me what I am today.

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That Ain’t Right

A bluesy tune from Blue Collar Rats,  the last CD produced before the death of The Good Rats co-founder/frontman, Peppi Marchello.

While visiting my parents in NJ for several days, I am learning lessons about growing older that I hoped I would never have to learn and am not exactly embracing.

But, I guess that difficult lessons are  part of the journey.

My thought though….”That ain’t right”.


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A good example of liberal thinking.

The federal government, which has Tomahawk cruise missiles, Apache and Lakota helicopters, used the code name “Geronimo” in the attack that killed Osama bin Laden, officially objects to the name of the Washington Redskins.

Makes sense to me…..well, not really.

(Thanks, David)




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Good Company

As I traveled up from South Carolina to the People’s Republic of New Jersey, I came to find out that I was once again mentioned on a very important, coveted list.

Compiled by Internationally acclaimed blogger, Kurt Harden, it is referred to as:

25 Blogs Guaranteed To Make You Smarter.

Kurt, Doug & Me..May, 2011.  Hang around with smart people…it can't hurt

Kurt, Doug & Me..May, 2011. Hang around with smart people…it can’t hurt

Quite the compliment and I’ll be updating my resume/CV this evening.

One of the other blogs mentioned is Eclecticity Light.   Doug is a close, personal friend of mine, a mentor  and he has the confidence/testosterone  to publish things like this.    (I know his wife and I doubt she provided editorial approval on that)

Check out Kurt’s list… you will be glad you did.


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Two Lane Highway, Takin’ Me Home

Tomorrow morning, I hit the highway and head North to spend a few days with my parents.

As usual, I’ll report from the road.

It always seems strange….I’m 54 years old and I’ll be staying with my parents.   Stange, but a good strange.

Time to cue up  some driving music.  Lets start with a little Pure Prairie League.  (I didn’t realize there were music videos in 1975, but apparently they did exist)


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