All It Takes Is The Right Song

This morning, I met Jon Michaels.

Who is Jon Michaels you ask?

My question, exactly.

Here is his website.     Drill down.

I had the opportunity to do Jon a favor this morning, committing to it before I even met him or knew who he was.  That part is not important, although I spent over an hour this evening trying to write about that, before deciding to scrap the idea.

He repaid the favor by presenting me with one each of his three CD’s and allowing me to spend a few minutes picking his very nice guitar.

I went back to my  day of being the referee in some ugly family squabbles, which is part of an undertakers job description, and then I headed home, tired and almost broken.

I stuck the first CD in and waited.  As Steve Martin would say, “Hey, this guy’s good”.

My wife and I listened  while we prepared and ate dinner. I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but rarely do we like the same music….today we did.

My day ended much better than it started.

Here is the “official” video of the song that caught my attention. I can think of a few of my readers who might connect with this song.

Check Jon out on Youtube and then buy some of his CD’s.

He is a class guy.




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Welcome Footsteps

IMG_4332“Not more welcome are the sunbeams at my window than your well-known footstep at my door”

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton

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Goodbye, Friend

I’m going to take a brake from my new discovery….Goodreads and make another mention of  the Rev. “Call me Paul” Redmond. who died  on October 19, 2014.

Jim Kittinger, a friend from just outside Emmitsburg (another one of those undertaker/EMT types) mailed me a clipped-out  article from the Frederick News Post about Fr. Paul.  Jim’s funeral home handled Fr. Paul’s  funeral and if you read the brief article, it  explains a few of my comments.

After reading the article, I went to my library and looked for one of the books that Fr. Paul recomended and the first one I found was The Holy Longing: The Search for a Christian Spiritualty by Ronald Rolheiser.  Image 2

Whenever I purchase a book, the first thing I do is sign my name on the inside cover, along with the date and the reason I wanted the book. This is always done with a fountain pen, which is what I normally write with.

This book, holds a quote that I refer to from time to time and it is “so Fr. Paul”

The Church is always God hung between two thieves. Thus, no one should be surprised or shocked at how badly the church has betrayed the gospel and how much it continues to do so today. It has never done very well. Conversely, however, nobody should deny the good the church has done either. It has carried grace, produced saints, morally challeneged the planet, and made, however imperfectly, a house for God to dwell in on this earth….The Holy Longing, p128.

I neatly folded the newspaper article and placed it between pages 128-129 to be found again at some point in the future.

A reminder of days gone by;  days I will always cherish and enjoy going back to visit.

Speaking of visits, it will only be a few short weeks until a trip through Emmitsburg and a visit to Mary’s Mountain.

I’ll be sure to stop by and visit the grave of a great priest.


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She Was Long & Sleek & Southern

From the 1978 Album by Toby Beau


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Not At My Office


I’ve been saving this for a few weeks now.

There is always someone…a friend?, a co-worker?, a child?..a spouse?…maybe us?.

If the shoe fits…..



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As we meandered though Downtown Atlanta yesterday morning, we were  making our way up 10th St. and I looked up and saw this:


Image 4

The reflection is of the building in the left foreground.  I am not sure if it is like that all the time or if the light just has to be right for it to reflect that way. I was able to get my iphone out just as the light changed, but even with that, it is still a pretty cool photo.

Here is the introduction to the day.

Thanks to Niko Anderson, (GT #57) and his parents  for being such gracious hosts.

I’ll spare the Clemson fans who read this blog, but below is another photo of the field after the upset win by Georgia Tech.

A great day of football, making new friends and watching Daddy’s Little Girl be grown up.  It was well worth the almost three hour drive each way.

Image 1



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This Should Be Fun

Heading out with my lovely and charming wife  to Atlanta later to watch Georgia Tech whoop (hopefully) Clemson tomorrow at Bobby Dodd Stadium.

The "GQ" look

The “GQ” look

It will be a special visit as we will be the guests of a player and his parents. The player, Niko Anderson, happens to be dating our youngest daughter.  Niko is a sophmore, offensive “Center”,  making his way up through the depth chart and following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather who both played college ball.  From the one time I have met him (and multiple reports from Megan)  he seems to be a really great young man.

What impressed me most upon meeting him was his firm handshake…and his understanding of The Rules for Dating My Daughters.

The four parents will be meeting for the first time and I have already been warned to “be nice”.

Years ago, I had a bumper sticker that read, “I only cheer for two teams. USC…and whoever is playing Clemson”.  It would be fun the see Tech send Dabo and his boys home sucking their thumbs.

Yes, that would be epic. Even more so if USC can figure out a way to stop Florida.

The "Warrior" look

The “Warrior” look


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