Looking Back…

… this is a very true statement.

One way to daydream about the good ol' days…me, stage left.

One way to daydream about the good ol’ days…me, stage left.

“I can’t wait till I’m an adult so I can dream about being a kid again”.

Found somewhere on Twitter.


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Look No Further

‘Twas the night before Thanksgiving….”What song is it you want to hear?”

No, it’s not Freebird.           th

“Kid, it is the Alice’s restaurant Masacree”.

You can find it here, along with a dedication to the man who was my best, best friend for many years.

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Don’t Misunderstand Me

Some of you recall the plane crash involving the Lynyrd Skynyrd band back in 1977.  th

As the surviving members of the band healed and contemplated the future, they evolved into  the “Rossington  Collins Band” before eventually re-grouping as Lynyrd Skynyrd.

I have always thought of Dale Krantz as Southern Rock’s version of Grace Slick.

The “hit” from the record….she is mesmerizing.

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119 Year Old Advice

I visited the Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Columbia, SC today. The campus is an entire city block and the architecture was breathtaking.

I had a little time to wait and found my way to a comfortable parlor with a bookshelf and gently pulled an old-looking book  down to look through.

The volume I selected was entitled “Chatterbox”, by J. Erskine Clark.

Beautiful line drawings,  stories and poems.

Below, is a photo of the cover, table of contents and a poem, which makes as much sense today as it did in 1895.

The cover

The cover


Top of the Table of Contents

Top of the Table of Contents


The Poem

The Poem

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Who Knew?



A day that you do not learn something new is a day you have wasted.

You can relax now, the pressure is off.

Thanks to @deadsexy1950



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Two Jacks

File under: “Yesterday’s News”

An interesting comparison by Fr. Dwight.  th-2


In the end …  both made an impact.

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Almost A Nut

It has been awhile since I shared some wisdom from Rob “The Teacher” Firchau with my readers.  You can be enlightened by visiting  his Forest.



I use fountain pens exclusively, (except when I need to press through multiple copies) and am used to people looking at my pen and asking, “What’s that?”.

So, I appreciated the sentiment behind Pens . While I may not qualify to be a “nut”, some may argue that I am close enough.

I believe everyone s entitled to at least one "bad" habit.

I believe everyone s entitled to at least one “bad” habit.

And as an occasional pipe smoker and collector, I wonder if the two go hand in hand?

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